Jessie J's New Music Video Features Brand-New 'Pitch Perfect 2' Footage

The Bellas are back.

Rebel Wilson
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Update, 4/24: The Bellas are the new stars of Jessie J's music video, and it's all kinds of perfect. The song "Flashlight" will be featured in the film and soundtrack, and the music video uses never-before-seen footage of the movie, including Rebel Wilson cheering up an oh-so-sad Anna Kendrick. Watch it all below:

Update, 4/16: Trouble in aca-paradise: In the latest Pitch Perfect 2 trailer, the Bellas ramp up their World Championship prep but lose themselves along the way. Will they recover in time to beat that scary German team? Was that the K-pop group Big Bang? All will be revealed below in the rather generous preview:

Update, 4/13: A new clip from Pitch Perfect 2 premiered during Sunday's MTV Movie Awards, and it's not nearly long enough to contain so much greatness.

We find Beca and the Bellas in some sort of underground international a capella fightclub, where they're engaged in a '90s hip-hop jam battle featuring "This Is How We Do It" and loads of attitude. Can it be May 15, like, now? Watch the video here.

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Original post, 2/10: Are you ready for this? Pitch Perfect 2 has released its newest trailer, and all we can say is: we can't wait for May 15.

The a capella ladies are back to dominate the World Championships, but mishaps happen along the way, including the time Fat Amy gives a completely different type of show to horrified concert goers. (Note to Amy: wear underwear next time.)

We'll be cheering for the Bellas—and definitely rocking out to the Beyoncé track in this one. Watch below and get ready to start the countdown:

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