Now Big-Deal Actress Cara Delevingne Cast in a Movie About Occupy Wall Street

Don't let the fancy pic fool you—she could definitely get down with the 99 percent.

Cara Delevingne
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She might be an haute couture model with a pedigree as long as your femur, but Cara Delevingne has proven she can wear a tailed onesie and eat Mickey D.'s with the best of them—which is why she's perfect for a movie about Occupy Wall Street. Will she protest with other disgruntled students in Zuccotti Park? Or will she play a Mulberry-bag (opens in new tab)-toting socialite who becomes disenchanted with her cushy one-percenter life?

The Paper Towns actress (opens in new tab)will star in Prime Mover, which sounds like a Transformers prequel about enterprising alien-robot youth who start the extraterrestrial version of U-Haul. Producer Elizabeth Jagger hasn't given any more details about the film, but she does say in Love magazine (opens in new tab) that scheduling Cara is "really stressful!"

We can imagine—between the cover shoots and running into Harry Styles (opens in new tab) and starting a band with Kendall Jenner (opens in new tab), when is she supposed to find time to practice pitching a tent, let alone breathe?

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