Harry Styles Runs into Cara, Kendall as All His Exes Convene in London

Sorry, buddy.

Is there a Former Daters of Harry Styles Anonymous meeting going on across the pond? Because there sure are a lot of famous, model-y girls in London right now, two of whom had an encounter of the awkwardly civil kind with the 1D singer last night.

At Monday's British Fashion Awards, the alleged Dicaprio-level modelizer was on his way down a flight of stairs—To check his hair flip? To call Liam?—when he bumped into not one but two of his reported exes. (Cara: a few months in 2013; Kendall: December 2013–February 2014; Taylor Swift, elsewhere but still in the same city: sometime in 2012.) The resultant photos were made for rude captions, which we've naturally provided here:

Harry: *looks for emergency exit, considers throwing self over bannister*

Cara: "You're looking well, Harry."

Kendall: *Don't let them in, don't let them see/Be the good girl you always have to be/Conceal, don't feel, don't let them knoooowwwwww*

Harry, withering away: "It's nice to see you both." *scoots away*

Kendall: *beatific smile*

Cara: "Did you hear I'm giving other boys hickeys now?"

Harry, who has since developed high blood pressure: "K, laters."

Cara: "Come along, Kendall. I need to go make out with Olivier Rousteing."

Kendall, internally, as her prince in shining Lanvin walk-runs away: "LET ME LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!"

Exeunt all.

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