All Hail Taylor Swift, Savior of the Polaroid Camera

Is anyone surprised?

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The tide might be slowly turning against Taylor Swift, but there's still a strong contingent that believes she can walk on water/raise the dead/reason with Donald Trump.

In an interview with Digital Spy, Polaroid CEO Scott Hardy credits the serial generosity demonstrator with saving the instant Polaroid camera, a commendation someone really ought to add to her Wikipedia entry.

"Taylor Swift's camp approached us and told us about her upcoming album, 1989, which was the year she was born," he said. "They said they would love to do something with Polaroid and so we did a nice collaboration effort with her, and she bundled 12 Polaroid photographs with that special-edition album."

Hardy also said he is pleased Tay Tay has introduced an old-timey technology to the Youngs, who probably had no idea what they were saying when they sang along to "Hey Ya!," if they knew about OutKast at all.

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