Justin Bieber Got Baptized in an NBA Star's Bathtub, Sobbed the Entire Time


Justin Bieber
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The short story is that Justin Bieber got baptized in the New York City bathtub of a former Knicks player named Tyson Chandler. 

The long story, according to a new GQ feature, is that last year, when Justin Bieber had reached peak Justin Bieber (you know, egging people's houses, committing other human-rights violations, etc.), he and his family moved in with Pastor Carl, the lead pastor of celeb-fave mega-church Hillsong NYC. As GQ eloquently puts it: "It is helpful to think of Justin Bieber here, at this point in his life, as a biblical character at the very bottom of a Jobian well of his own making."

So anyways, Biebs hits a breaking point and decides he needs to get baptized—and STAT. Like, right now. Today. Thankfully Pastor Carl knew just the place: Tyson Chandler's fancy apartment on the Upper West Side, which had a pool. 

But—because no great Biblical story is wanting for twists and turns—the pool had already been closed. (Cue dark and stormy weather outside for effect.) BUT! Chandler's bathtub was custom-built (reminder: He is a 7-foot-tall basketball player) and so a very emotional Biebs hopped in and came out reborn. At least, until his DUI arrest later that month.

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