Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom Vacationed Together in Hawaii, Are Living That Teenage Dream

"You and I, we'll be young FOR-EV-ERRRRR!!"

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Technically, Katy Perry was in Hawaii for work (playing a private show Wednesday), but who says you can't bring Orlando Bloom along and mix business and pleasure?

"They looked very loved-up and really into each other," a source said to Entertainment Tonight of the pair, spotted on the north shore of Kauai earlier this week. "They were comfortable letting everyone see them as a couple—lots of PDA and hand-holding."

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This is the latest in a series of flirtations between the 31-year-old musician and 39-year-old actor, beginning with that time they put their faces very close together at our Golden Globes after-party in January. More to come, we're sure.

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