Katy Perry's Top Almost Came All the Way Off on 'American Idol'


Singer-songwriter Katy Perry attends the 2017 Vanity Fair Oscar Party
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Katy Perry suffered a wardrobe malfunction on American Idol, but thankfully she seemed to find it absolutely hilarious.

The "Last Friday Night" singer shared a clip from the show on Instagram, in which the top she's wearing—a futuristic breastplate made of shiny silver metal—appears to be detaching from her body in some way.

"I need my top to stay on," Perry says in the video. "If it's not fixed, this show is gonna get more than it wanted," she adds, clutching what I believe is a literal wrench.

As various people attempt to fix the problem, Perry's fellow judge Luke Bryan appears behind her with a pair of scissors and shouts, "I got it! I'm going in!" But after roughly half a second of assessing the situation, Bryan promptly gives up.

Perry then announces as she's clutching onto the breastplate for dear life, "That song broke my top off."

Both Bryan and fellow judge Lionel Richie then begin crying, "Ratings! Here we come, ratings!"

Perry says, "It's a family show," then proceeds to clutch a cushion in front of her body to protect her modesty.

She captioned the post simply, "my top broke #idol"

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Some commenters made what I'm choosing to interpret as lighthearted jokes about Perry's fashion choices. "That's not a top, it's a car bumper," one person quipped.

"You know it's serious fashion when the power tools come out," pointed out someone else.

This actually isn't the first time the "I Kissed a Girl" hitmaker has suffered an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction on American Idol.

Back in 2018, Perry got on stage to dance with a contestant, but she tripped and fell over, with her dress riding up more than she might have liked. At the time, Perry once again laughed the whole thing off. You really gotta have a sense of humor if you're going to be a TV star, eh!

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