Tina Fey Says Leonardo DiCaprio Doesn't Lead a Misogynistic Lifestyle

He's just a man in a rotating relationship with several dozen women, mmmkay?

Tina Fey
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Leonardo DiCaprio has a type, and we're not just talking about his ongoing obsession with tiny bald statues made out of metal. The Oscar finally-winning actor is known for his fleet of girlfriends, 14 of whom are models, 15 of whom are blonde, 4 of whom are actresses, and one of whom is a pop star. But before you start side-eyeing, please known that feminist superhero Tina Fey doesn't question Leo's dating choices.

Tina swung by the Howard Stern Show, and not only did she verbally high-five Leo's Oscar speech ("he's so smart and his speech was so cogent"), she brushed aside the notion that he gets a "free pass" to "f--k all these women in a misogynistic way." 

"If this was the '70s, it would be the same thing but those girls would be like 13. So at least...they're 18," she joked. "Is it misogynistic to sleep with a bunch of women who want to sleep with you? No. I don't think it's misogynistic, no. I think everybody there is up for it, also because he's still cute. When he's 50 and they're still 18...." 

Salient point about consent, but please—when Leo's 50 he'll be in a polyamorous relationship with a bunch of Oscars and won't need real people anymore.

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Mehera Bonner
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