Jennifer Garner's Thong Almost Ruined Oscar Night by Getting Trapped in Her "Vageen"


Jennifer Garner's Thong Almost Ruined Oscar Night by Getting Trapped in Her "Vageen"
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As anyone who's worn Spanx knows, they are a fickle friend. It's like, you go through your night feeling smooth in more ways than one, and then disaster strikes the moment you have to pee. Just ask Jennifer Garner, whose thong-bottom bodysuit got trapped in her vagina on Oscar night.

But first, a little backstory: Garner wore a custom Versace gown to the Academy Awards, which was shaped using a metal corset and Spanx-like underwear with a hook-and-eye opening for pee-purposes. Unsurprisingly, she had to use the bathroom mid-way through the show, and the rest is...well, we'll let her finish the story.

"I realized I had to go to the bathroom," Garner told Jimmy Fallon during an appearance on The Tonight Show. "I don't know if you've ever gotten married and you've been in there with your bridesmaids in the wedding gown—it's a thing, okay? We understand, right ladies? We go into the bathroom because she's going to have to hold something up. It's not pretty...Do you see what I'm saying? The connection of the bodysuit, because it had a hook and eye situation, was in an intimate position. It was like in my vageen, okay?"

What a time to be alive.

Garner had to ask her friend to extricate the fabric, but ended up being able to navigate the situation herself. "[My friend] said, 'If this has to be done, it has to be done, but listen: I want you to give it a good college try.' Eventually it worked out."

Honestly, who hasn't gotten a thong trapped in their body? Happens to the best of us. 

Watch the full story below.

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