Megyn Kelly Thinks We Set Expectations Too High for New Mothers

"You're going to feel and look terrible."

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Megyn Kelly has never been one to mince words, and she certainly isn't doing so when it comes to motherhood. The political commentator thinks that women aren't realistic about the expectations they have of themselves and each other, and that it's fine to embrace the downsides of parenting.

"We set the expectations too high for new mothers," Kelly tells More (opens in new tab). "I'm always telling women, 'Don't expect to not hate it.' You're going to feel and look terrible, and you're going to wonder if you blew up your life. The cruel irony of it is, just at the time you're loving it and you've got it down, you have to go back to work."

Kelly, who has three children, went back to the grind just two months after giving birth to her youngest, and had a hard time juggling parenting with work obligations. "Five minutes before I had to go onstage [on], Thatcher was having a meltdown," she says. "So I yank my dress open and start breast feeding as I'm mic'd up. And everybody's like, 'Ehhhh…'"

Awkward breastfeeding moments aside, Kelly makes a good point about the expectations of new moms. Having kids is tough and stressful, and it's fine to admit that. That said, if at the end of the day you get to name another human being Saint, Otter, or Moses, it's so worth it. 

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