Kim Kardashian Used a Genius Food Hack to Dye Her Dress for Cannes

Stealing this.

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Kim Kardashian made an appearance at Cannes this year, and in case you somehow missed it, this is what she looked like:

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(Image credit: Getty Images)

While Kim's custom Lan Yu Couture dress is clearly 💯 , the sheer under-layer didn't match her skin-tone, and she had to bust out a bunch of Earl Gray tea to save the day. 

"We had to try to darken the nude mesh dress under the silver layer, because it was too light to match my skin tone," Kim explained on her website. "We had just two hours before we left for Cannes, so we put Earl Grey tea bags in a sink and put the dress in for about 30 minutes to dye it."

The best part of this story is that Kim's dress was still damp on the red carpet—even after blow-drying it. "It took right up until the red carpet for it to dry!!!" she said. "We had to blow-dry it right before I put it on and it was still a little damp—but it worked and it made the mesh a better match to my skin tone. Such a trick of the trade!"

So, in conclusion: Kim was wandering around Cannes in a wet couture dress because #fashion. (Also, shoutout to her enthusiastic use of exclamation marks.)

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