Natalie Dormer on That Major 'Game of Thrones' Margaery Shocker

Warning: spoilers lie within.

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If you clicked on this article you probably a) watched Sunday's Game of Thrones finale, and b) are emotionally incapacitated due to the fact that Margaery Tyrell died in a fire. Though to be fair, it's not like Cersei Lannister didn't low-key warn her:

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So, how did Natalie Dormer feel about her character joining the ranks of GOT's Dearly Departed? Here are 5 things we've learned from her post-RIP interviews:

1. She found out about Margaery's death in advance: "I preempted the phone call because in true Natalie Dormer-style I tried to fit a million projects into a single year. I requested [that showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss] release me from working on the show earlier than usual so I could do another project, and they ended up phoning me—and that was The Call. But I got it six months ahead of normal."

2. Her last day on set was amazing: "My last day on set was fantastic. It was a scene with Diana Rigg [Olenna Tyrell]. That was the last scene that I shot. She and I had a lovely day together. Dan and David made sure they were there at the very end. It seemed very fitting Margaery's last day is shooting a scene with the Queen of Thorns. They gave me a big hug and made a fuss out of me. It was lovely."

3. Margaery's last scene took three days to shoot: "We shot two or three days in the Sept. Jonathan Pryce is a lot of fun; I've enjoyed working with him this season. I was also with Finn Jones, who plays Loras, all that time. It was very moving and fitting that Finn and I should be together for those last three days and the brother and sister should go to their fate together, because you see the brother and sister relationship so beautifully over the years. They go to their deaths physically holding each other."

4. The cast were really bummed about Margaery's  death: "There were a lot of long looks and hugs and 'we'll miss you''s to Jonathan and me and Finn, to all of us who went up in that ka-boom. Every year we lose a few people and the cast members are always really supportive of each other."

5. She doesn't think Margaery will come back to life: "I'm pretty sure no one is escaping from that Sept."

Bummer. But still, holding out hope that Margaery will pull a Jon Snow next season:

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