Prepare for All the Tears: Lauren Graham Says Edward Herrmann's Loss Will Majorly Affect 'Gilmore Girls'

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Gilmore Girls
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Netflix's Gilmore Girls revival is dropping the day after Thanksgiving, and frankly, we're not sure we can handle the mixture of that much turkey and that many emotions. Stars Hollow looks just as charming as usual in Netflix's new preview, but prepare for some pretty huge changes—most notably, the loss of Edward Herrmann (AKA Richard Gilmore).

Gilmore Girls Richard Gilmore

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"To me, one of the aspects of this show that felt the same but different was in the wake of losing Ed, which was and still is a great loss for us personally," Lauren Graham said during a Television Critics Association panel. "It was also part of our story that we are telling, which is the journey of how everyone is still recovering, and that gave the show depth and an emotional complexity. It felt to me like, 'here is the show, but grown up even more.'"

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Gilmore Girls

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Graham says Herrmann's death "plays into all the choices the characters are making and what they're dealing with in a new way," and that Lorelai will make a few ~life decisions~ through dealing with the loss of her father. These two had a complex relationship on the show (with Lorelai often repressing her loving feelings), so it should be interesting to see how she processes.

Anyway, time to duck into the nearest bathroom and weep/watch the Gilmore Girls trailer a few dozen times, right? Right.

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