Mila Kunis Refuses to Raise an "Asshole" Kid Who Doesn't Know the Hardship of Ketchup Soup

But don't worry, she has a solution.

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Warning: Your love for Mila Kunis is about to grow so much, that you might be tempted to make a nerdy "Bad Mom? More like amazing mom!" pun by the end of this article. Just saying.

The star just proved that she and Ashton Kutcher are the epitome of #ParentGoals by revealing that they discussed one very important topic before their daughter was born: "How do you raise a child to not be an asshole?"

Children of celebrities, while cute and adorable, etc., tend to live in a bit of a privileged bubble, something Kunis and Kutcher are well aware of.

"We both came from pretty, pretty, solid poverty backgrounds and grew up very poor, and are very much self-made, and are very aware of what a dollar is worth," Kunis recently told The Kyle and Jackie O Show (opens in new tab). "It's a matter of teaching them from a very early age that you know mommy and daddy may have a dollar, but you're poor. Oh for sure. You are not rich. You are very poor. Mommy and Daddy have a bank account."

Kunis also noted that while it's "beautiful" that her children won't eat "ketchup soup for dinner," the flip side is they'll "never know how to appreciate things."

Nah, girl. The fact that Kunis and Kutcher are even addressing this problem is more than most parents do, so we're thinking their children will be plenty appreciative. And frankly, as long as they appreciate their parents' hair in That '70s Show, nothing else matters.

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