This 'Gilmore Girls' Instagram Just Gave Hope to Rory/Dean Shippers Everywhere

Though like...who are you?

a scene from Gilmore Girls
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Thanks to Netflix, Gilmore Girls is returning with four new 90-minute episodes in November. There are a ton of questions fans hope Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life will answer. Do Luke and Lorelai live happily ever after? How are the Gilmores coping after Richard's death? What are the final four words?

But of all the questions burning in fans' minds, the most prominent is probably: Who will Rory end up with? It's been confirmed that all three of Rory's major love interests—Dean, Jess, and Logan—will make appearances in the revival, but which of them (if any) turns out to be her forever soulmate?

While each Rory boyfriend has his own legion of shippers, fans of the Rory/Dean pairing can do a happy dance over the latest picture on the Gilmore GirlsInstagram, which shows a box of corn starch nestled between some of Rory's favorite books on a shelf.

In case you need a refresher, the corn starch is significant because, when Rory and Dean share their first (very adorable, very innocent) kiss, Rory was in Doose's Market (where Dean worked part-time) pretending to shop for corn starch. The kiss left her so frazzled that she ran off, corn starch in hand, which explains the picture's perfect caption: "First kiss. First crime."

Of course, the Rory/Dean-themed picture comes after Instagrams that served as major throwbacks to her time with Logan and Jess, as well. Last week, the Gilmore Girls account posted this picture that called back to the first time Rory realized Jess loved books almost as much as she did:

And two weeks ago, the account shared an image that gave fans of Logan and the Life and Death Brigade a major happy moment as well:

We'll just have to wait until Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life premieres on Netflix on November 25 to find out who really wins Rory's heart for good.

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