Bella Hadid Talks Olympic Dreams and Trying Her Hand at Acting

Plus 14 other things you didn't know about the model and Tag Heuer brand ambassador.

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1. If I weren't a model I'd be: A photographer or a professional equestrian. Down the road, I might try my hand at acting, but I want to be able to fully commit.

2. Best career advice I've gotten: My mom always told me to be humble, work hard, and treat everyone with kindness and respect. I think that always being nice is something that makes you stand out.

3. Change I'd like to see in my industry: I think the industry overall is shifting toward inclusivity, of different backgrounds and body types, which is a really positive change.

4. Who I admire and why: Growing up, my spirit always resonated with Kate Moss, so I guess she inspired me to be myself even if that wasn't always perfect.

5. Book that left a lasting impression on me: I read it as a kid, but I still remember The Giver [by Lois Lowry] having an impact on me. It reminds you to be an individual, which is such an important message.

6. My perfect day would begin: It depends. If I was going to work, I would probably do a mask, get some extra skincare time in. Actually, I would probably give myself five more minutes of sleep and, I don't know, make breakfast? The mornings are hard for me; I'm definitely a rusher in the mornings.

7. My perfect day would end: Eating pizza in bed and watching a movie with a friend.

8. Something nice I did for myself recently: Took a trip to Jamaica with some girlfriends. I had just wrapped fashion month, which was one of the craziest seasons I've had, and took a few days off to relax in the sun.

9. If I could compete in an Olympic sport, I'd like it to be: Equestrian, of course! I have been riding since I could walk, so it would be a dream come true to compete in the Olympics.

10. The beauty essential you'd have to pry out of my cold, dead hands: Diorshow mascara! [Hadid is a face of Dior Makeup.] It really makes your eyes pop.

11. What every woman should try once in her lifetime: Living alone. When I moved to NYC, it was the first time I had ever lived by myself, and it's such a freeing experience. It's definitely lonely sometimes, but you get to know yourself really well.

12. On my bucket list: That's a hard one because I just feel so lucky that I'm able to do all of this. Maybe learn an instrument?

"I think that always being nice is something that makes you stand out."

13. The three qualities that got me where I am today: Kindness, dedication, and perseverance. I just like to focus on myself and my career—plus, it takes way too much energy to be mean!

14. Most agonizing career decision I've ever made: Having to retire from professional riding just before the 2016 Olympics because of my chronic Lyme disease. I began riding when I was 3 and instantly fell in love with it, and selling my horse was the hardest decision I've ever had to make.

15. How I made my first dollar: Working at a juice shop in Malibu [California]. I did everything—made juices, cashiered, and cleaned dishes. I loved the independence that came with making my own money.

16. How I clear my mind after a crappy day: Call my mom, take a bubble bath, and go to sleep early. Nothing relaxes me like a good night's sleep!

This article appears in the September issue of Marie Claire, on newsstands August 15.