Poppy Delevingne Was Just As Obsessed with 'Twilight' As You Were

And 6 other things you didn't know about the actress and model.

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Actress and model Poppy Delevingne is poised to enter the world of on-screen espionage in Kingsman: The Golden Circle. When this Brit isn't in front of the camera, she's curling up with a book...or a paint roller.

Age: 31

Lives in: London

What do you do in your downtime? I can get so enraptured by a book that I barely speak to anyone. Whether it's classics like Charles Dickens and Jane Austen or writers of today like Caitlin Moran and Lena Dunham—I love books that are very honest.

Team Edward or Team Jacob? I read the Twilight books and became quite obsessed with Edward Cullen, like most teenagers did—yet I was in my late 20s, and my husband was so embarrassed for me! There was no question: I would choose a vampire over a really hairy, stinky dog, even though Jacob is divine.

Desert-island reading? Louisa May Alcott's Little Women really comforts me. I've probably read it about five times. I have two beautiful sisters, and it's all about sisterhood and celebrating each other. I relate the most to Jo because she's quite rambunctious, a tomboy.

"I relate the most to Jo from 'Little Women' because she's quite rambunctious, a tomboy."

Are you a homebody? Interior design is my newest hobby. I hit 30 and suddenly I care about fabric and wallpapers! When I was 20, these things would never have tickled my fancy, but they get me excited nowadays. My favorite thing in the whole world is gloss paint. It's just miraculous.

Fantasy pad? Meryl Streep's house in It's Complicated. It's got a swing out front and the most sensational kitchen with a huge island. If Nancy Meyers [the film's director] could make me a kitchen, I'd be very happy.

Follow her: @poppydelevingne.

This article appears in the September issue of Marie Claire, on newsstands now. Kingsman: The Golden Circle hits theaters September 22.

Photograph by: Zackery Michael. Fashion Editor: Liz McClean. Hair: @Seerad for Bumble and Bumble at Bridget Artists. Makeup: Cyndle Komarovski for Chanel Ultrawear Foundation at Honey Artists.

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