Zendaya Opens Up About Being Cheated on by Her Ex

She gets it.

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In a true "celebrities are just like the rest of us" moment, Zendaya has opened up about being cheated on by an ex-boyfriend. Which has most of us thinking how could he ever?! but yeah—it happened.

When asked if she'd been cheated on during a fan Q&A (opens in new tab), Zendaya responded with a simple "yes," and then followed up with some advice:

Zendaya didn't reveal who cheated on her, but did say: "People will lie. You can communicate all you want, but people who lie are going to lie to you anyway."

The actress is reportedly (opens in new tab) in a relationship with her Spider-Man co-star Tom Holland, though they've denied the claims on Twitter.

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Mehera Bonner
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