Ray Rice Terminated From Baltimore Ravens In Wake Of Domestic Violence Dispute

The clip is graphic and contains violence.

The Baltimore Ravens have terminated running back Ray Rice's contract following the release of a very disturbing video. The camera footage shows Rice punching his fiancee (now wife) in the face, and knocking her out cold. The incident occurred back in February, but the video of the attack was just on TMZ released today.

Following the release of the clip and the susequent cries of outrage from the public were too much to ignore—the team took swift action and announced the news to the public via Twitter this morning.

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This move isn't just the end of Rice's career with the Ravens, but in the NFL entirely—he's suspended from the league indefinitely. This move is definitely long overdue, but we're glad that the NFL is finally standing up against violence against women.

You can watch the video for yourself below, but proceed with caution. The clip is graphic and contains violence:


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