10 Things You Didn't Know About Erin Wasson

Plus, the supermodel talks about her edgy Zadig & Voltaire collaboration and her gritty Low Luv jewelry line.

Erin Wasson is not one of those seen-and-not-heard supermodels. She's got an opinion. In fact, she's got lots of 'em.

Her favorite style icon? Old-school Rod Stewart. Her celebrity crush? The ruggedly handsome Jeff Bridges. Her favorite Justin (Timberlake versus Bieber)? Well, the reason behind her answer to that question will shock you.

MC's Sergio Kletnoy asked her a lot more where that came from, and she didn't bat one of her beautiful eyes. Watch the vid above for all the dirt … and a well-timed Janis Joplin impression.

The budding designer also talked about how her recent 15-piece collaboration with edgy French label Zadig & Voltaire came about.

"It's kind of Charlie's Angels: I just got a phone call one day," she says, adding that she was a huge fan of the brand's sophistication. "That's where I was wanting to go. I wanted to refine my ideas of what the rock-and-roll aesthetic is to me and what it could mean in the future. I was almost designing for the woman I want to be."

For more on the line, as well as her Low Luv accessories — "because jewelry feels like an artifact, I'm always digging for new symbols," she says — watch the video below.