Winning Ladies: The Super Bowl Commercial Stars

The Baltimore Ravens won last night's Super Bowl, but there were a few other winners — aside from Beyonce — who deserve proper recognition for their blood, sweat, and tears leading up to the big game. Okay, maybe not the blood, sweat, and tears bit (of which we know…), but these five ladies stole the show with their highly memorable commercials.

The Go Daddy ad featuring Bar Refaeli's on-screen make-out with a supposed tech nerd, Walter, has seemed to top everyone's lists as being last night's most shocking commercial. The Israeli supermodel looks great, as always, but we seriously can't handle it when the camera zooms into the pair's lips for a full five seconds. And the spit-swapping sound effects? Too much.

Naya Rivera turned heads in her M&M's "Love Ballad" commercial, which dramatically portrayed our collective love for the chocolate candy. It's only appropriate that the Glee star was featured in the "I'll Do Anything" ad considering her affinity for soul-baring tunes throughout the show's four seasons.

Kate Upton made a cameo in one of Super Bowl XLVII's most expensive ads — Mercedes-Benz "Soul" — which came complete with a $1.5 million song fee and even pricier production costs. The takeaway? Driving this car will get you a date on the red carpet with the supermodel, among other dreamy perks.

Race car driver Danica Patrick has appeared in several Super Bowl ads throughout her years in the spotlight, but nothing has been as bizarre as her cameo in yet another (thankfully less racy) Go Daddy commercial. Here, she has a split-second "Was that Danica Patrick?" appearance as the pilot of a private jet.

Oh, Amy Poehler, how we love thee so, so naturally we're so, so into this Best Buy "Ask Amy" commercial. There's nothing we love better than a quality Amy-induced laugh, and this ad certainly delivered. Let us not forget how fierce that leather jacket is, too.

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