10 Celebrity Siblings Who Could Easily Steal the Spotlight

If you don't know them yet, you should.

Taylor Swift, Austin Swift
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It all runs in the family, and these celebrity siblings are making moves—both inside and outside Hollywood—that are giving their famous brothers and sisters a run for their money. See what we mean...

1. Dylan Efron

Zac Efron, Dylan Efron

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Zac Efron's little brother Dylan was thrust into the spotlight when a certain Instagram shot—where they both showed off their abs—revealed just how good those genes are. Facts you need to know: He's 23, he's an Aquarius, and he once wrote a poem in sixth grade about how his famous bro could be kind of a jackass. Awesome.

2. Alex Watson

Emma Watson, Alex Watson

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Speaking of genes, Alex Watson looks verrrry similar to his sister Emma Watson. The 22-year-old currently works as a model.

3. Austin Swift

Taylor Swift, Austin Swift

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The 23-year-old majored in film, TV, and theatre at the University of Notre Dame—and is no stranger to Hollywood events. He's been seen pretty much everywhere with his superstar sis—the Taylor Swift.

4. Jonathan Timberlake

Jonathan Timberlake, Justin Timberlake

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Initials aren't the only thing Jonathan Timberlake shares with his bro—a passion for music runs in the blood, as the 22-year-old works as a producer.

5. Cody Walker

Cody Walker

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The brother of the late Paul Walker (RIP) just landed his first huge role in USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage opposite Nicholas Cage—the baby blues are definitely reminiscent of Paul's, aren't they?

6. Monica Cruz

Monica Cruz

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Monica is a Spanish actress and dancer, who has designed collections for Mango and appeared in ad campaigns alongside her older sister, Penelope.

7. Eduardo Cruz

Eduardo Cruz

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While Eduardo is a singer who dated the likes of Eva Longoria. All, obviously, are beautiful.

8. Erika Smalls

Erika Smalls, Joan Smalls

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9. Dave Franco

Dave Franco

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Okay, okay. So this one has been on the Hollywood radar for quite some time. But listen—let's just give credit where credit is due. Kid's funny and a little more understandable with his "art" than James. Case closed.

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