North West Shows Off Her Diamond Grill on TikTok: "Random"

Diamonds are a 10-year-old's best friend.

North West's Diamond Grill
(Image credit: TikTok / Kim and North)

When it comes to diamond grills, you know what they mother, like daughter!

Yesterday, North West showed off her diamond grill in a new post shared on the TikTok account she shares with her mom, Kim Kardashian.

The photo is one of many included in the post, and shows the 10-year-old parting her lips to reveal the very sparkly jewelry piece, consisting of diamonds on her lower teeth and two of her top teeth. Some are completely covered by the tiny diamonds, while others are just outlined.

Over the image, North has written "Random" in blue font, while the entire image carousel is captioned, “The things, my daughter makes on my phone ha ha 🤨.”

The other images include North pulling a funny face while Kim pouts, as well as various shots of North, her younger brother Psalm, and her cousin Penelope Disick.

It seems North takes after her mom yet again, as Kim has also been known to accessorize with a diamond grill.

Kim Kardashian and North West

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Back in 2021, Kim revealed a new grill design as part of a KKW Beauty campaign. She'd promoted the brand's 3-piece lip kit sets by wearing a custom diamond grill, which included her birthstone, opals.

This piece was created by Brooklyn-based jeweler, Gabby Elan Jewelry.

Hmm... is it any coincidence that Kim has just hard launched the return of her makeup brand? Could this photo perhaps be part of that? It feels like Kim is taking a page out of Taylor Swift's book with some Easter eggs. Perhaps North will be promoting a new lip kit with this set of diamond grills.

It wouldn't surprise us if she's taking a role in her mom's business, as she's already being featured on her dad Kanye West's new album. Her rap name is Miss Westie, and we can't wait to hear more.

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