Kim Kardashian Can't Wait to Borrow North West's Custom Christmas Gift

You'll be "crying" of laughter at this one.

Kim Kardashian and North West
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North West has proved herself to be the trendsetter of the family. For the Kardashian's annual Christmas Eve party, North wore one of her dad's jackets. Kanye West wore the silver Balmain jacket to the 2016 Met Gala.

So it isn't surprising that North received a very special fashionable piece for Christmas, among the many gifts under Kim Kardashian's Christmas tree.

The 10-year-old received a custom Alexander Wang bag for Christmas, but not just any bag, as this one featured the 2012 meme of her mom in tears. You know the ugly cry face we're talking about!

This is one of Kardashian's most famous photos and has become a beloved meme. Well, now her daughter North can remind her of it daily with this gorgeous handbag.

How did Kardashian react to the gift? Was she offended?

Not at all! Kardashian shared a photo of the bag on her Instagram story with the caption, "OMG this bag for North. I'm stealing it."

Uh oh, North, you better hide this bag where your mom can't find it! Although we can't blame her, we're desperate to borrow it too.

This was undoubtedly one of many stylish gifts under the tree, which Kardashian wrapped in Skims t-shirts. Not only was this a sustainable choice, but it gave everyone an extra gift to enjoy.

Kardashian also shared how each member of the family wrapped gifts in their own style to reflect their tastes. For Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian, this was a metallic green paper with a dark green ribbon. For Kendall Jenner, this was a stylish blue and white paper with a large green velvet ribbon. For Kim, it was a chance to remind them all of her successful business.

We can't wait to see North showcase this new bag on her TikTok, and we're desperately hoping this design becomes available for purchase!

Kim Kardashian bag

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Kim Kardashian and kids Christmas day

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