Orlando Bloom and Elijah Wood Enjoy 'Lord of the Rings' Reunion With "Hobbit" Co-Stars

"3 hobbits and an elf."

Orlando Bloom and Elijah Wood Enjoy 'Lord of the Rings' Reunion With "Hobbit" Co-Stars
(Image credit: Instagram: @dom_monaghan_)

Some of the most beloved Lord of the Rings stars enjoyed a miniature reunion of sorts, and fans are absolutely here for it.

On Friday, May 3, actor Dominic Monaghan posted a photo on Instagram of himself alongside his former co-stars Elijah Wood, Orlando Bloom, and Billy Boyd, enjoying what appeared to be dinner, drinks and (at least for fans) a long-awaited mini-reunion.

"3 hobbits and an elf and the CONVERSATION tonight was VAULTED," Boyd captioned the post.

The foursome posed for the camera, some arm-in-arm, as they smiled and raised their glasses in celebration. (Not to totally nerd out, but what's not to celebrate after you defeated Sauron and destroyed the one ring in the fires of Mount Doom in the land of Mordor 20 years ago?!)

In the beloved trilogy—which first hit theaters in 2001—Bloom played Legolas the elf, Wood played hobbit Frodo Baggins, Monaghan played hobbit Merry Brandybuck and Boyd played hobbit Pippin Took.

To the surprise of no one, fans collectively freaked out in the comment section.

"Hey boys, can you turn these dinners into a podcast. I would love to hear your LOTR stories," one fan wrote.

"Imagine showing up for work at a restaurant and these 4 amazing dudes are at your table," another commented.

"There’s something about LoTR reunions that make me feel warm inside," another fan posted. "There’s always so much joy and happiness and friendship and love. No one has any beef with each other."

In addition to the reunion picture, Monoghan also posted a throwback photo of the co-stars when the (much younger) foursome was busy filming the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

"This weekend we form like voltron at #liverpoolcomiccon," the actor captioned the post, referring to the group's upcoming appearance at the Liverpool Comic Con, which is held on May 4 and 5.

“Best photo ❤️,” Bloom responded in the comment section.

"They're taking the hobbits to Liverpool," a fan commented.

"It took me way too long to figure out this was not a boy band from the early 00’s," another fan joked (and honestly, same).

In 2016, Bloom shared another throwback photo of the Lord of the Rings cast on Instagram, which also included appearances by Viggo Mortensen and the incomparable Sir Ian McKellen, who played Aragon and Gandalf, respectively.

"tbt to when we all got tats cos we loved so much," Bloom captioned the post at the time.

What can we say? Friends who slay Sauron together, stay together.

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