24 Hours With Paris Hilton

The star dishes on her beauty routine, her at-home wellness center, and jamming out to 'Stars Are Blind.'

Paris Hilton beauty look
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Paris Hilton is everywhere you look these days: glittering on Jimmy Fallon, angelic on Ellen, loved up with brand-new husband Carter Reum on TODAY. The businesswoman, heiress and Juicy Couture-clad queen of early-'00s TV has hurtled back into the spotlight in recent months, and this time she’s determined to define herself for herself—beyond what she calls the “façade,” the “persona” that she created as she first rose to fame.

By her own admission, Hilton is always working, and her nose-to-the-grindstone attitude more than pays off: In the past year alone, she has starred in her own mock cooking show on Netflix, worked alongside legislators to develop a bill of rights for youth in congregate care, and, yes, gotten married. As she announces a new partnership with wellness platform Viome—which provides at-home tests to generate personalized food recommendations and customized supplements, the star lets Marie Claire in on her beauty secrets (hint: It all starts from within).

Rise and Shine

I usually wake up around 7 a.m. I check all my work emails and my schedule, and see what I have happening for the day.

Morning Maintenance

I’m obsessed with skincare, so I do my whole skincare routine. That’s a lot of different steps, because I use a lot of different products, and also beauty gadgets like FOREO.

Power Start

It depends on what’s happening that day, like if I want something really sweet, I’ll make French toast, but I’ve been trying to be healthy. Ever since I did Viome, I got all these recommendations of which superfoods are good for me to eat and what to avoid as well. Usually, I’ll do that with a smoothie, and then I put in the supplements that I got from Viome as well, and try to be healthy in the morning, do a lot of juicing and celery juice. [In my smoothie, I put] banana, strawberry, goji berries and my supplements from Viome.

Signature Look

If I‘m not working, I just like to be natural and wear no makeup. I would describe my signature look as “business boss babe,” like a cat wing eyeliner, and like a bronze goddess.

Shop Paris’ Favorite Beauty Products

U Beauty is my favorite. They came out with this new product, immortal jellyfish. It’s their newest product, which I’m obsessed with, The BARRIER Bioactive Treatment. I love using Dr. Barbara Sturm, and also I love ToGoSpa, those patches that you put under your eyes.

I’ve really just been focusing on being healthy from the inside out, because I really think that that’s the future of beauty products. A lot of signs of aging and inflammation in our body are usually caused by not getting the right nutrition, so I’ve been relying on my Viome food recommendations and the supplements. It’s really important to me. Since I’ve been taking these supplements, I’ve never felt better and it’s just been really amazing. And then also for stress and for sleeping, I like to take R3SET, which is another supplement that I really love.

[For my hair], I love Kérastase and Olaplex, especially Olaplex. It’s really great, especially since I have to get my hair done so much for work, so I try to do as many deep conditioning treatments as possible.

Daily Playlist

I love Britney Spears, Katy Perry—like her Teenage Dream album is amazing, and “Stars Are Blind,” is my favorite. It’s just fun; if I’m getting ready, it puts me in a good mood and I feel like I get ready faster when it’s a fast, fun song.

Feel-Good Fix

I am so busy, I’m working all the time, so I don’t really have time for working out. I have a wellness center I built at my house, so I’ll do a hyperbaric chamber and we have a cryotherapy machine, so those are really good for you. And then I love to go on walks with my dog up in the mountains and go hiking, surfing, and skiing.

Self-Care Ritual

I love to get a facial and a massage and just relax. I listen to this thing on Spotify called “Liquid Mind” and it just relaxes you, so that’s my favorite thing to do to chill out. My favorite facial is by this woman named Heather Nicole, and I’ve been going to her for years and she’s just amazing and has all these really cool machines that do EMS and light therapy and endermologie, these really amazing machines that are awesome for your face and body.

Hair Help

Any time I’m not working, I always like to sleep in the Olaplex deep conditioning mask. I like my hair to be moisturized.

Signature Scent

I have 29 fragrances. I’m about to release my 30th perfume, so I have a lot to choose from. I don’t really have a signature scent, because I love them all so much, but right now I’ve really been wearing my newest one, Ruby Rush, that just came out—it’s such a gorgeous, beautiful fragrance. [Choosing what perfume to wear] depends on where I’m going, what kind of mood I’m in, if it’s more of like a nighttime feel or more girly, like daytime, it just depends on what’s happening.

Beauty Icon

Marilyn Monroe.

P.M. Routine

Like I said, I’m obsessed with skincare, so [I do] my whole skincare routine, making sure to do like face masks and using the under eye patches. I also have, from Dennis Gross, this mask you put on that has a different light, and I just got this new machine from Omnilux, which is what they have in facialists’ offices. I do 10 minutes in the morning, and then 10 minutes at night, and I’ve noticed such a difference. My skin is glowing. [I spend] probably like 45 minutes [on skincare in the evening]. And then I also have this lymphatic drainage machine, which I do every single day. It’s called Ballancer Pro, so every night while I’m watching TV before bed, I’ll put it on. It’s like a full-on suit, like you put the leg part first, and then the top part, it’s like a jacket, and it just completely lymphatic-drains everything, it’s insane, I love it. It feels good, it’s just like squeezing you and kind of draining all the fluids out. You don’t even need to work out, it just makes your body, like, perfect. It’s really cool.

Evening Wind-Down

I will do the Ballancer Pro machine, take my R3SET (the nighttime one that I take every single night) and then I put on this app called Sleep Fan. I like hearing that noise of the fan and try to put my phone down, because the blue light from the phone keeps you up, so I try to not look at my phone. I’ll usually fall asleep while watching TV with my husband.

Lights Out

I’m such a night owl, so it’s very hard for me to go to bed early. When I have to get up early in the morning, then I’ll go to bed at like 10 p.m., but if I don’t, then I’ll be up till 3 a.m., so it just depends on what’s happening the next day.

Morning Editor

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