Prince Charles Is Reportedly Worried About “Enormous Damage” Prince Andrew Caused to Monarchy

The Duke of York has been effectively removed from public life, but the damage may be done.

prince charles prince andrew
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While the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, celebrating 70 years of her reign, is the focal point all of the royal family’s attention at the moment, Prince Andrew’s sex abuse scandal continues roiling beneath the surface of the celebratory facade. Last month, a judge in New York declined to dismiss the allegations against the Duke of York, which were brought by Virginia Giuffre who alleges that the Duke sexually abused her when she was 17 years old, in connection with Andrew’s friendship with Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. Prince Andrew denies the claims, and last week demanded a jury trial for the court date, set for the end of 2022. 

As the royals look ahead to the future of the monarchy—like a statement from the Queen declaring that Camilla should receive a “Queen” title when Prince Charles takes the throne—Prince Andrew remains a thorn in the side of the firm. The court case, especially if it were decided by a jury, could do irreparable damage to the already-weakened monarchy. Although he’s already been stripped of his titles and patronages, some feared that the move was too little too late to stave off the damage. And according to one royal expert, no one is more concerned about it than Prince Charles and Prince William

Royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliam, speaking with Express UK, “Prince Charles and Prince William are aware of the enormous damage that links with Prince Andrew do to the monarchy.” He added, “All senior royals are likely to be extremely concerned at the prospect of the civil case he faces being heard in front of a jury.”

Fitzwilliam also said what many others have speculated—that the stripping of military titles and patronages “was a public withdrawal of support” from within the family. And while Andrew’s disappearance from public life may keep any photo ops of Prince Charles and the Duke from further disgracing the royal family, upcoming court appearances will be a huge, highly publicized problem for the family. 

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