Prince Harry Got Angry With a Reporter During His Tour of South Africa: "Don't Behave Like This"

She had tried to "doorstep" him.

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It's not news that the royals have a complicated relationship with the press. Perhaps nothing illustrates this more than the Cambridges' alleged desire to boycott the BBC (a media outlet) over their documentary titled The Princes and the Press—which is all quite next-level meta, if you think about it.

It's also a highly understandable reaction for Princes William and Harry to be on their guard when it comes to the media, especially in the context of their late mother's own difficult relationship with journalists.

Under those circumstances, it makes sense that the royals aren't always able to keep their cool when interacting with reporters.

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During his tour of South Africa with wife Meghan Markle in late 2019, Prince Harry was filmed snapping at Sky News royal correspondent Rhiannon Mills in Malawi—footage which was shown in the second episode of infamous doc The Princes and the Press.

Appearing in the documentary, Mills explained that she had previously been able to "doorstep" Prince Harry—that is, ask him questions as he exits a building—but that on this occasion, the duke wasn't game.

"He doesn't stop and give me a full interview but he acknowledges me or whatever," Mills said (via Express). "This one played out quite differently."

In Malawi, the journalist was filmed asking the duke about his work, a question which he ignored at first. As she insisted, he turned towards her and said, "What? Ask them."

But after Mills asked another question, Prince Harry became angry and told her, "Don't behave like this."

Although from the outside it might seem difficult to understand what happened there, Mills has a clear perspective on the situation now. "Most people looked at it and thought, well, hang on, it was a polite question," she said. "Why did it blow up? But looking back at it now, I had basically kicked the wasps' nest."

The Sussexes announced their exit from their roles as senior royals soon afterwards, in early 2020.

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