Prince Harry's Memoir "Won't Destroy the Institution," Royal Author Claims

It might just rock it a little.

Prince Harry
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Prince Harry's memoir, Spare, will be released in just a week on Jan. 10, and there's certainly a lot of concern about just what he might reveal in it.

Ahead of the book release, the Duke of Sussex will also be giving two new bombshell interviews packed with even more revelations.

But while royals such as King Charles and Prince William may be apprehensive about what Harry might say about them, one royal biographer doesn't think that the memoir will cause any lasting damage.

"Harry’s book will cause concern, and it will make headlines around the world, but it won’t destroy the institution," Andrew Morton said (via OK!).

"And if the institution is so weak that it can’t stand a ghostwritten book by a junior member, then it’s probably not worth keeping it…

"I mean, quite frankly, a book written by [a monarch], a future queen, Diana, and a book by the future King Charles are far more relevant and important than a book by, what is he now? Sixth in line to the throne, who will be rapidly going down the hierarchy."

Morton added, "The Royal Family are bracing for two things. They were bracing for the coronation coming up so, you get the sense of palace officials are on tenterhooks making sure that for King Charles, people aren’t reminded of his emotional hinterland as it were.

"And with Harry's memoir as well, they are concerned that will affect the way people perceive King Charles."

Though we don't know yet quite what to expect from Spare, royal commentators and insiders have suggested that it will focus mostly on Harry's rivalry with William, as well as taking jabs at Princess Kate, but that it will mostly ~spare~ the King from excessive criticism.

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