Prince Harry Needed a Drink—Or Two—Following the Release of 'Spare'

Fair enough.

Prince Harry
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Prince Harry appeared on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert on Tuesday to promote his memoir Spare, and he was not about to refuse the offer of a stiff drink on such an emotional day.

"You've written this very intimate memoir, which I've read and it's fascinating, it's a very good read by itself," Colbert said while welcoming his guest.

He added, "I know that you yourself are a very private person for being a public figure. You're revealing a lot of things in here. It must be on a certain level kind of nerve-racking to be out there, to publicly and physically represent the book... Would you like a cocktail before we begin?"

Prince Harry leaned in and told Colbert, "Yes please!"

The host then produced a bottle of tequila and began to pour himself and his guest some generous helpings (and not shots of the stuff, as we previously thought). Both men then proceeded to squeeze extra lime into their drink before enjoying it.

This wasn't the only occasion during the TV show that Harry admitted he could use a little liquid courage.

At one point, Colbert asked him, "Can you explain how it is that the Royal Standard got frost nip?" (In Spare, the Duke of Sussex details the time he found himself with a "frostbitten penis," as reported by the Independent.)

Laughing, Harry answered, "How long have you... how long...? Can I have a drink?"

He then finished his sentence: "How long have you been waiting to ask that question? We've taken quite a leap from grief and trauma to my todger."

During the show, the two men notably discussed Harry's late mother Diana as well as his experiences serving in Afghanistan.

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