Prince Harry "May Do Anything Required of Him Without Argument" at the Coronation, Tarot Reader Suggests

He won't want to make a fuss, Inbaal Honigman says.

Prince Harry
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It's just over a month until King Charles III's historic coronation, and we still don't know whether Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will be in attendance.

For one astrologer, psychic and tarot reader, there's a reason there's so much uncertainty surrounding the event. Inbaal Honigman pulled some tarot cards to shed light on everything that's going on exclusively for Marie Claire, and she found that a lot is still up in the air.

"The coronation itself is represented by the 9 of Swords, a card of worry and apprehension," she explains.

"This tarot card suggests that the final details aren't decided yet, because too many variables are making it a big headache for those charged with organizing the finer details.

"Many decisions are still in the air, and will only be finalized at the last minute for many reasons—family drama is one, but security concerns as well as changing traditions play a part."

As many of you surely know, the Sussexes don't have the best relationship with the rest of the Royal Family right now, and their welcome at the Jubilee last year wasn't exactly the warmest, so it's hard to blame them for being on the fence.

"In the context of the ceremony, this tarot card suggests a duality, as it is a card associated with the dual sign Gemini. There may be a more private official service and then a more public party," Honigman adds.

"The day might be divided in two (like some weddings that do a ceremony and then a party) with different guest lists for each.

"Any leaked details are worthless as they are still likely to change."

Nine of Swords

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Honigman then pulled an individual card for both Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, to gain insight into their coronation plans.

"Harry's card for the coronation is the Chariot, an introverted, pensive card of preparation and readiness," she says.

"This is a tarot card associated with the zodiacal sign of Cancer, which happens to be Prince William's star sign, Harry's brother, as well as the sign of the late Princess Diana, Harry's mother.

"He may decide to put his own emotions to one side, and do anything required of him without argument, for his family's sake. If he's asked to wear a different uniform to everyone else, he'll just do his best to be a good son in whatever he needs to wear."

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As for the Duchess of Sussex, Honigman believes she's less eager to fully participate in the event.

"Meghan's card for the coronation is the Knight of Swords, a focused, goal-driven card rooted in thought," she says.

"This is a tarot card of thinking things through and weighing up all of the options. Meghan will make her decision using her mind, not her emotions, as Swords cards belong to the classical element of Air, the element of the mind.

"This tarot card has a representation of the four winds, meaning she's not just thinking for herself, she's thinking for four people, what's best for herself, her husband and their children.

"Since Harry's card is very committed and Meghan's card shows her to still be deciding, it is likely that Harry will be there every step of the way, and Meghan will join for part of the day."

Reportedly, the Sussexes have made "demands" regarding the coronation, whose outcome may help decide whether or not they accept the King's invitation.

Knight of swords. The Magic Gate deck tarot card - stock illustration

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