Prince Harry Says He's Tried Everything to Reconcile With the Royal Family

They weren't willing to have the conversations he wanted.

Prince Harry
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In an interview with ITV's Tom Bradby in the U.K., Prince Harry said he has tried everything to reconcile with the Royal Family, but that nothing has worked.

Asked why he wrote his shock memoir Spare, the Duke of Sussex implied that he might not have had to go into quite as much detail as he did if his father and brother had been willing to have the discussions he wanted to have.

"And the thing that is the saddest about this, Tom, is it never needed to be this way," the duke said (via the Independent).

"It never needed to get to this point. I’ve had conversations, I’ve written letters, I’ve written emails, and everything."

After all that, he was told, "You're imagining it," Harry claimed.

He said, "That’s really hard to take. And if it had stopped, by the point that I fled my home country with my wife and my son fearing for our lives, then maybe this would’ve turned out differently. It’s hard."

With that said, later on in the interview, Harry said that "forgiveness is a hundred percent a possibility" towards his family, but that he needed them to be more willing to meet him halfway for it to happen.

Harry's ITV interview is one of four that will be aired this week—the other three in the U.S.—to accompany the release of his memoir on Jan. 10. You can expect many more staggering revelations from the royal over the next few days, so buckle up.

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