Prince William Drops Everything to Go Visit Kate Middleton in Hospital

If he wanted to blow off royal engagements, he would!

Prince WIlliam and Kate Middleton
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The King can wait; this prince is heading to the hospital to visit his wife!

Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales, underwent abdominal surgery on Tuesday, and is recovering well, according to reports. The Palace has not clarified the cause of her surgery but has confirmed that it is not cancer.

She is expected to remain in the hospital for ten to fourteen days before she returns home to continue her recovery. There will be no public duties for Kate until after Easter.

Her husband, Prince William, has apparently postponed all official engagements as well as two upcoming overseas trips, so that he can support his wife during her recovery.

According to the Telegraph, "Prince William is planning to spend "as much time as possible with the Princess while she recuperates, balancing daytime visits with caring for their three children at home in Windsor."

He was photographed this morning, driving to and from the hospital to visit his wife. Kate is currently at London Clinic, a hospital that is certainly fit for royalty. I'm surprised that royalty drives them, as that's the first thing I'd outsource — no more parallel parking!

It just goes to show if William can halt all royal proceedings (when the King himself will also be hospitalized) to be there for his wife, a guy can definitely text you back!

Prince William driving to visit Kate in hospital.

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