Princess Diana Was "Easy to Cook For" While Prince Charles Insisted on Food That Was "In Season," Royal Chef Says

Food is very personal, to be fair.

Prince Charles & Lady Diana Spencer
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Princess Diana was a very lovable figure—an image that is certainly reflected in the memories of her former royal chef, Carolyn Robb.

Robb spoke to The Sunday Times' royal editor, Roya Nikkhah, about her time catering for the late princess, her then-husband and their children.

Diana "was very easy to cook for and loved simple things: cold minted lamb, salads, soufflés, stuffed aubergine. She didn't really have a sweet tooth.

Charles on the other hand "loved sweet things, but he didn't like coffee, chocolate, nuts or garlic." Look, obviously, who am I to judge, but CHOCOLATE? And GARLIC??? How!!!

For Charles, "everything was based on what was in season in the garden. In asparagus season, I might serve it three or four times a week. You wouldn't dare serve asparagus or strawberries in December." TBH, this is much better for the planet, so good for him.

Diana, Princess of Wales with Prince Harry on holiday in Majorca, Spain

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Robb also recalled the absolute sweetest story about Prince Harry. "Harry loved treacle tart when he was tiny," she said. "I used to make them the size of a 50p piece for him. One morning, he came into the kitchen before breakfast and asked for one. I said, 'you best check with Mummy.'

"So off he went, scampering back a few minutes later with a note Princess Diana had written: 'Mummy says it's okay!'" :) :) :)

Robb isn't worried about the Duke of Sussex: "Harry's very caring and gentle," she said. "Even as a little boy, he'd always want to know how you were. But he's also a lot of fun. There was mischief in there as well. I think he'll be a fantastic father."

As for Diana's eldest, Prince William, he shared his brother's sweet tooth. "William adored chocolate biscuit cake and meringues," Robb revealed.

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