Prince William Took the Crown With His Valentine's Day Grand Gesture for Kate Middleton

Get it, 'cause he's the future king? ...I'll see myself out.

Prince William and Kate smile at each other
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Romance is not dead!

For Valentine's Day, Prince William pulled out all the stops (OK, maybe not all the stops, because Travis Barker kinda had a monopoly on those) to thank his wife Kate Middleton for being such a wonderful presence in his life.

"William surprised Kate with a huge box of 50 roses on Valentine’s Day," an insider told Us Weekly. "He handwrote the most romantic message in his card, praising her for being such a wonderful wife and mother." Daww!

Even more adorably, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis gave their parents "handmade Valentine’s cards" as well to celebrate St. Valentine's.

Explaining that the Cambridges aren't super interested in "extravagant" celebrations these days (exhibit A: the duchess' low-key 40th birthday), the source added, "William and Kate are homebodies, so their date nights tend to be chill. They’ll watch Netflix and documentaries when the children are in bed, order takeout, play Scrabble and enjoy a few glasses of wine. For them, it’s the simple things in life that count." Relatable king and queen!

Almost 11 years after they tied the knot, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are stronger than ever these days.

"They are more than comfortable with one another and around each other, so much so that they don’t feel a need to constantly be tactile," body language expert Darren Stanton previously told Marie Claire, commenting on the couple's demeanor during their first joint event of 2022.

"This can be taken as a show of strength as the pair are happy to operate as individuals despite attending events as a pair. At one point, William was seen leaning closely into Kate to talk to her on a more personal level—a gesture that demonstrates how they are more than happy to have each other in close proximity alludes to the strengthened rapport between them and suggests they are a very strong couple indeed."

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