Prince William and Princess Kate Are Super Compatible, According to an Astrologer

Well, duh.

Prince William and Kate Middleton
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Make fun of me all you will, but I am very into astrology. Also, I just so happen to write about the Royal Family most days of my life. Also also, I looove a good love story. Combine those three interests and you get: royal couple astrological compatibility reports.

Luckily for me—and I'm assuming for many of you—celebrity astrologer Inbaal Honigman has delivered the goods, and looked into Prince William and Princess Kate's compatibility for us. Let's get into it.

"William is a Cancer and Catherine is a Capricorn, and those signs are the perfect case of opposites attract," Honigman tells Marie Claire on behalf of Spin Genie.

"Cancer is loving and family-minded, and Capricorn is practical and focused. So when no one can find the keys to the patio door, Capricorn will do it, and when the kids want an extra bedtime story and cuddle, that’s the Cancerian’s job. There’s a lovely compatibility there."

The astrologer continues, "In addition, their compatibility goes deeper—within the rest of their chart.

"Both William and Catherine have their moon in Cancer. The moon rules emotions and dreams in a person’s chart, and Cancer is a very romantic sign. For both of them to share this placement means that they have the same love language, and share their joy in nurturing one another, raising their family and supporting charitable endeavors."

And that's not it!

"They also both have fiery ascendant signs," Honigman explains. "William’s rising sign is adventurous Sagittarius, and Catherine’s rising sign is powerful Leo, so they’d both have a spontaneous side to their personality, and will feel excited to make last-minute decisions and have lots of fun together."

They sound like what one would call a very good match. I am not wholly surprised.

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