How Princess Diana and Duchess Camilla's Birth Charts Predicted Compatibility With Prince Charles: Astrologer

Diana and Camilla share the same sun sign.

 In this photo composite image a comparison is made between (left) Diana, Princess of Wales as she arrives at the Vatican to meet Pope Paul II in April 1985 and (right) Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall meeting Pope Benedict XVI at St. Peter's Basilica on April 27, 2009 in Vatican City, the Vatican.
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Prince Charles and Princess Diana's marriage was a fundamentally unhappy one, ruled by distrust and infidelity, and their birth charts have been examined thoroughly over the years to see what may have caused such a strong incompatibility.

Interestingly, though, Prince Charles' now-wife, Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, shares the late Princess of Wales' sun sign of Cancer.

"Prince Charles married two women in his life, and both happen to be Cancerians. Cancer is known as a sign that loves family life, stability and peace," astrologer Inbaal Honigman told Express.

“Cancerians tend to enjoy a quiet life, surrounded by their closest friends and relatives. Their joy comes not from achievement or attainment, but from simply living and loving."

So, what differences are there in all three of their birth charts that mean Prince Charles' second marriage has been so much more peaceful than his first?

"Whereas as a young Scorpio, the prince may have embodied the more impulsive elements of his Scorpio sign, and chose to react rather than listen in his first marriage, he was more mature in his second marriage," Honigman continued.

"An older Scorpio will mellow out a lot, and feel more aligned with the accepting, non-judgmental elements of this sign, and bring this into the later marriage."

As for one possible explanation for why Diana wasn't a great match for Charles (whose ascendant is in Leo), Honigman said, "Diana's Sagittarius ascendant would have compelled her towards personal freedom, creativity and expression. Those two astrological placements aren't an easy match."

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