Check Out This Very Special Portrait of Princess Diana

Put this in the Louvre. But literally, though.

Princess Diana in hat
(Image credit: Getty)

We've seen all of the statues, official portraits, and paparazzi shots of the late, beloved Princess Diana—but we can't remember the last time we saw a portrait of the Princess of Wales that was quite this dreamy or straight-up artistic. The "extraordinarily rare" painting, per CNN, shows Diana's face gazing downwards looking thoughtful, and looks more like it belongs in the halls of an art museum than Buckingham Palace. 

The portrait was painted by artist Nelson Shanks, and completed in 1994, according to CNN, and sold at auction in January for $201,600. If you'd like to see the stunning work of art in person, you'll have to move fast. It will be on display at the Philip Mould and Company gallery in London until July 6.

The painting went on display just in time for what would have been Princess Diana's 61st birthday on July 1. Lady Di's birthday was also commemorated by the Diana Awards, presented every year to young people between the ages of 9 and 25 for their humanitarian work. 

This year's virtual awards ceremony was opened by Diana's son Prince Harry, who told the recipients via video message that he sees his mother's continued legacy in all of them, as well as in his own children. 

Kathleen Walsh

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