Chloe Dao on Episode 2 of Project Runway, Season Six

Season two winner Chloe Dao recaps the latest episode of Project Runway, season 6.

Missed an episode of Project Runway? Be sure to catch up on all the drama and fashion as your favorite winners and finalists from past seasons blog their way through season six.

Recapping the first episode is season two winner Chloe Dao. Be sure to check out Chloe's website,!

Warning: Spoilers ahead!


Oh! Have mercy on me. I do not know why it is so hard for me to watch this season. I was looking forward to PR as much as any other addicted fan. But I am struggling a little. I think the first episode really set the wrong tone for me. The crying and wanting to quit from Johnny, drove me crazy. I had trepidation the premise of PR was changing. Hate me for this, but if you are not in the place emotionally to be doing Project Runway, this is the last place you need to be. Like I always tell fans: It is ten time harder than it looks on TV. Johnny seems to have gotten himself in the right mindset for episode 2. I am happy for him and Project Runway. I am glad that is not a story line that the producers were going forward with. That would be a totally different show.

With that being said, I noticed something about this group of designers I really like. Which is that they all seem to really like each other and are supportive of each other. I find that refreshing to watch. I hope it lasts, because friendship does not go out of style. Sorry for the corniness.

Now let's start the show. Malvin should not have gone home. Mitchell was so out in my book. I do not understand the judging. I feel almost personally insulted as a past contest on PR that he is still standing. When it comes to judging like this, you know the crack pipe came out, pregnant or not. I usually do not care that much about who gets eliminated or not because most of the time I understand the judging. This I was shocked with. Please do not for one second think I am upset because Malvin is Vietnamese and so am I. It is not about race but skills. So far from what I have seen of Mitchell, he is limited and questionable.

When I saw the other 2 designers, Shirin and Carol (I think) were in each leg of the his short, I knew it was too big. If you have the eye, you know right away the insanity of the short opening width. Mitchell's whole design was based on those shorts, otherwise you have nothing else but a tank top with ruffle and a loose cardigan. The sewing of those short kills me. That alone should have eliminated Mitchell. Seriously. The sad truth is that Mitchell was too caught up in his design to see his fault in execution while Malvin was too involved in his design concept to see that no wants to be dressing in anything referencing a chicken.

I thought Shirin's design was the clear winner. It was beautiful, geniusly placed smocking details and wearable. That dress represented everything that is good about Project Runway. Congrats.

Now onto the rest of the designers:

Althea: I really liked her gown. I love a sexy Momma. I had no problem with the cleavage showing. That is the beauty of pregnancy, the girls come out to play and they are perky. Remember Salma Hayek and Halle Berry.

Gordana: Sporty Momma. I thought her styling was very current.

Louise: She is very talented and definitely has a point of view. You see it already. Soft, romantic

Christopher: Totally cute, wearable. I think he needs to go make maternity wear also.

Ra' mon: Horrible!!! He saw the problem but kept going...Stop listening to the judges. Listen to your voice. Your voice is constant , the judges are ever changing.

Epperson: Loves it!. I love that this quiet gentleman, brought out sexy disco Momma. The execution: impeccable.

Irina: Pretty as pretty does.

Johnny: Thank god!!, he got rid of the jacket. He woke up and saw the light.

Coral: Hated the ruffle jacket but really love the dress. Great color, draping, and details.

Qristyl: Nice dress, better color selection. I just think she seems nice and very real.

Logan: He is memorable, his designs forgettable.

Nicolas: Another gray and black dress.

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