Tracy Reese on Guest-Judging Project Runway

We caught up with Tracy Reese at a glam Project Runway screening to discuss her fabulous appearance on Project Runway.

There's no question Tracy Reese has plenty to celebrate. The talented designer is hightailing off her highly successful Fashion Week show, dressed Michelle Obama for the Democratic National Convention in September, and last night appeared as a guest-judge on Project Runway.

We caught up with fashion maven at a glam Project Runway screening at her label's Meatpacking District store to discuss her appearance.

What are you most excited about with hosting this event and your work with Project Runway?

It was fun just to do the show. How many months ago did I film it? In August? So, I've been sworn to secrecy since August. I just sort of put it out of my mind. My sister keeps going, "When is your episode?" and I've gone, "I'm not quite sure…"

What was it like working with Project Runway family? How much did you interact with Tim and Heidi?

You know what, not all that much. I was basically just there for the judging day, so I obviously got to talk to Tim a little bit and I've known him for a very long time — he's a lovely, lovely man. It was cool to see Heidi doing her thing. She's very professional. She's got it down. But what was really interesting was how close in opinion all the judges were about the work that we saw — everybody's perspective is a little bit different. Everybody had constructive criticism, which is important.

So on the topic of constructive criticism, what is one piece of feedback you've received in your career that has really helped?

Well, focus being focus. There are so many things that you want to do, and sometimes you want to do them all right now. I've learned it's better if I stay focused in one direction and make the most out of that and try not to do everything or be everything to everybody. It's important to stay authentic.

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