Project Runway Fanatics, We Need Your Help!

Your responses to this easy, 25-question poll are essential for an upcoming issue of Marie Claire!

Project Runway Season 12 Group
(Image credit: Marie Claire)

If you're a self-proclaimed Project Runway "super-fan," if you've watched every single episode (at least once), if you know the 12 seasons' designers better than you know yourself, then you can't skip over this easy, 25-question poll. Your responses are essential for an upcoming issue of Marie Claire! Take the survey, below, and tune into Season 12 of Runway Thursdays at 9 p.m. on Lifetime.

Which contestant from past seasons would you like to bring back as a guest judge?

Who was your favorite guest judge?

What was the most memorable moment in the history of Project Runway?

What was the best look done in an unconventional challenge?

What is the best Project Runway catchphrase?

Which contestant had the worst attitude?

Which runner-up should have won?

Which challenge was the most entertaining?

Which Project Runway fight was the most catty?

What fashion designer would you like to see become a regular judge on the next season of Project Runway?

Which unconventional materials challenge would you like to see in the future?

Which Project Runway contestants would you like to see design a collection together?

Which winning designer's final collection was the best?

Which male Project Runway contestant is the biggest heartthrob?

Which high-fashion runway model would you like to see walk the PR runway?

Which Project Runway contestant was the biggest drama queen?

Which designer benefited the most from Project Runway?

Which designer should be on All Stars?

Which female Project Runway contestant could double as a fashion model?

Which Project Runway look was most creative?

Which Project Runway look was the worst?

Which one of Michael Kors' comments on a look was most memorable?

Which season as a whole was most memorable?

Which one of Tim Gunn's comments was the funniest?

Photo: Courtesy of Lifetime