A Video of Kate Middleton Grocery Shopping This Weekend Has Been Published, But People *Still* Aren't Convinced

The video corroborates previous eyewitness comments.

Prince William and Kate Middleton at an engagement together
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Kate Middleton has been spied!

You may remember that reports emerged on Monday about Prince William and Princess Kate taking a weekend trip to Windsor Farm Shop near their home at Adelaide Cottage.

Well now, there's video proof that the Prince and Princess of Wales were really out and about amid Kate's recovery from abdominal surgery, just choosing some bread like any married couple on a fine Saturday.

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge shops at Londis with youths from Savannah House , a residential facility run by charity Extern, in County Meath, north of Dublin on March 4, 2020

Kate Middleton is pictured visiting a grocery shop in 2020.

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TMZ obtained footage of William—in a ball cap and jeans—and Kate—in athleisure, walking fast while holding their groceries.

The video was taken by a fellow shopper named Nelson Silva. "I noticed a couple choosing loaves of bread and the woman turned her face and I felt like I had seen the face before," Silva explained to TMZ. "It was familiar. I knew it from somewhere." (Familiar because it was a literal princess.)

He continued, "I went to my car and as they came out of the shop I just filmed them. I think they walked out through a gate out of the grounds. They just vanished and I didn't see a car. I just wanted to share with my family footage and show just how normal they were."

The amateur videographer reiterated comments made by other onlookers about the princess' demeanor. "Kate looked happy and relaxed," he said. "They look happy just to be able to go to a shop and mingle. Kate looked relieved like it was a success going to a shop. It felt natural."

Prince William and Kate Middleton

Prince William and Kate Middleton were spotted shopping in Windsor over the weekend.

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An eyewitness previously told The Sun about the outing, "After all the rumors that had been going round I was stunned to see them there.

"Kate was out shopping with William and she looked happy and she looked well.

"The kids weren’t with them but it’s such a good sign she was healthy enough to pop down to the shops."

For many social media users, it seems this new footage has calmed their conspiratory inclinations.

One person tweeted, "Well, it’s over. From the BBL recovery to the growing out a micro fringe, we had some beautiful times along the way. It’s time to face facts, that’s her. We’ll always have the memories."

However, a second camp is seemingly convinced that the woman in the video doesn't look like Kate, and is calling "body double."

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Because the possibility of royals using a body double to stand in for a princess is incredibly far-fetched, let's make sure to stick with what we actually know: that Kate underwent surgery in mid-January, that she's recovering until at least after Easter, and that confessing to editing a family photo doesn't equal legitimizing unsubstantiated theories.

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