Prince Harry Gave His Flight Attendant a Sweet Gift on His Way Back to California


Prince Harry grimaces as he leaves a U.K. courtroom
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Prince Harry has "approachable royal" vibes—and it looks like this impression many people have of him is correct.

The Duke of Sussex recently flew back to California from London, where he had been testifying in his court case against Mirror Group Newspapers.

On his American Airlines flight to the U.S., the royal made a sweet gesture towards a flight attendant, who posted details of his princely interaction on Instagram Stories.

Holden Pattern, a flight attendant with a popular TikTok and Instagram account, took to his Stories to share the fun experience with his followers.

Pattern posted a photo of a copy of Spare, Harry's shock memoir—which was published earlier this year. He wrote, "just found this in my luggage that a passenger gave to me."

Prince Harry gift to flight attendant

(Image credit: Courtesy of Holden Pattern / Instagram)

Pattern also posted a photo of himself posing with Prince Harry, in which both men are smiling widely with their arms around each other.

Pattern, of course, is in his elegant uniform, while Harry is dressed casually in a black t-shirt and jeans, with a necklace and a couple of bracelets visible.

Prince Harry and Holden Pattern

(Image credit: Courtesy of Holden Pattern / Instagram)

The Duke of Sussex brought a court case against Mirror Group Newspapers, publishers of the Daily Mirror, accusing them of gathering private information about him through unlawful means such as phone tapping, over a number of years.

Hypothesizing about the court case's potential outcome, legal expert Neama Rahmani previously said, "My prediction is that the prince is going to get a significant award—I mean, this really crosses the line in terms of reporting, hacking someone’s phone. That’s something that’s unlawful."

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