Prince Harry "Wants His Old Life Back" and Meghan Markle Is "Frustrated" By It, Commentator Claims

Today in "let's take these comments with a grain of salt."

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle during a rare joint speech
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Ever since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle swapped England for sunny Southern California, there have been rumors that the Duke of Sussex is experiencing some amount of homesickness—the latest of these rumors having spread like wildfire last week.

Now, one entertainment commentator believes that Harry would like to spend more time in the U.K., and that Meghan finds this difficult.

"Prince Harry’s social life has notably shifted over the past decade," Mark Boardman told OK!.

"He appears to have distanced himself from his college [meaning the last two years of high school] friends and lacks a permanent U.K. residence. During his visits to London, he typically resides in hotels and avoids public appearances. Undoubtedly, Prince Harry longs for his old friendships."

Boardman went on to say, "Meghan is frustrated that Harry wants his old life back.

"Meghan loves Harry, but she wants to bring out the better side in him. And she’s quite clear on the roles that they should take together and they are trying to work better together on projects.

"People are eager to witness a transformed Harry, rather than a return to his previous partying lifestyle, which could lead to undesirable media attention."

Of course, though, since Harry lived for the vast majority of his life in the U.K., he lacks a similarly solid support system in the U.S.

"London is where all of Harry’s real friends are," Boardman said.

"But ultimately, Meghan wants Harry to be by her side to support her, to look after the kids and to get his life back on track. And anything going backwards is going to take away from that."

While it's always difficult to leave one's home and establish a base on another continent, these comments do seem to feed into the narrative that Meghan makes all the choices for the family, with Harry simply following—a narrative which the duke himself has condemned in the past.

Ergo, as ever, let's take these comments with a large helping of salt, and see how things pan out for the Susseses in the future!

Iris Goldsztajn
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