Rumi Carter Makes Her Debut on Mom Beyoncé's "Cowboy Carter"

The song's lyrics are a perfect mother-child message.

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Rumi Carter is just six years old—and she's already on a Beyoncé record.

At the start of "Protector," the fourth song on Beyoncé's new album Cowboy Carter, Rumi says, "Mom, can I hear the lullaby, please?"

The song's lyrics are a perfect mother-child message, too. "Even though I know someday you're gonna shine on your own / I will be your projector," Beyoncé sings. She knows her three children (Rumi, Blue Ivy, and Sir) will go on to make a name for themselves in their own right—and she'll be there to support them every step of the way.

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Of course, Rumi Carter is far from the only person featured on the new album. Willie Nelson, Miley Cyrus, Dolly Parton, and even Post Malone all appear in Cowboy Carter's 27 tracks.

And while Blue Ivy Carter, Beyoncé and Jay Z's oldest child, isn't featured on this record, she's appeared on her mom's music in the past, too. The now-12-year-old was featured on Beyoncé's "Brown Skin Girl," which won a Grammy Award for Best Music Video in 2021.

With Beyoncé and Jay Z as their parents, the three Carter children have music in their blood. But whether they choose to pursue music or something else entirely, their parents will no doubt support them every step of the way.

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