Ryan Gosling and Ken Are Basically the Same Person Now, As the Actor Embraces His Inner "Kenergy"

I'm dead.

Ryan Gosling and sister Mandi Gosling attend "Barbie" Canadian Press Day on June 28, 2023 in Toronto, Ontario.
(Image credit: Photo by Matthew Tsang / Getty)

Do you guys remember that episode of Friends where Brooke Shields' character thinks Joey Tribbiani is actually his on-screen character Dr. Drake Ramoray in real life?

Well, it seems like Ryan Gosling is suffering from the same issue post-filming the Barbie movie—except he has basically become indistinguishable from his own character, i.e. the Ken to Margot Robbie's Barbie.

During a recent red-carpet interview in the country renamed for the occasion "Kenada," where Gosling hails from, the actor was asked about how he was able to find his "kenergy" and how the rest of us can embrace our own inner kenergy.

Gosling looked incredibly serious at this point, shaking his head meaningfully. He told the reporter, "It's there the whole time. You got it, so strong. I can feel it right now. Look no further. You are kenough."

This made Gosling's sister Mandi laugh a lot, and the interviewer said, "OK, we're done. We're done."

But the La La Land actor wasn't done at all. He continued, "It's like wifi—it's there, you don't know... Wait, do you know how it's really there? I don't! I mean, could you explain... wifi?"

When the reporter said that he might be able to, Gosling told him, "OK, well then, maybe you could help me get to the heart of kenergy."

The journalist said, "It's all around you."

Gosling answered, "And it might be affecting the bees, somehow? I'm not sure."

You can watch this entire bizarre and wonderful interaction over on Twitter.

Anyway, for anyone who said that Gosling wasn't the right choice of actor to play Ken in the upcoming movie, I hope this has been enough to convince you otherwise... forever. You're welcome.

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