Ryan Reynolds Opened Up About Life With 4 Kids: "We Love It"


Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds at the 2022 Met Gala
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Ryan Reynolds is the most doting dad. Not only is he constantly saying adorable things about his children, but he is also an absolute world champion in the field of dad jokes, i.e. the ultimate dad's dad (like "girl's girl," but for dads).

He and his famous wife Blake Lively welcomed their fourth child together earlier this year, and Reynolds has opened up about what life is like with four kids—but not before he made a terrible/hilarious joke about them.

"I haven’t met any of them yet, but they seem great. They have a private Instagram account that I follow," the Deadpool star told Entertainment Tonight Canada. Cue eye rolls from hypothetical teenage children.

Getting serious for a minute, the actor revealed, "You know, two to three was a huge jump… three to four less so. I cannot speak for my wife, but it’s just from what I’ve observed. But, we love it. You know, we would be idiots to do this again if we didn’t love it."

Reynolds also explained that he's always wanted a big family, because he grew up in one, as did his wife. "Yeah, I come from four, Blake comes from five," he said. "Both of us are the youngest." Talk about meant to be.

While it seems likely the baby is a girl based on various clues, the couple haven't officially confirmed it, nor have they revealed the child's name—except in jest.

"We actually called our daughter Cocaine Bear," Reynolds joked during an event in London recently (via the Mirror). "We picked the name out before the film was released so we’re involved in a litigation battle now." Cocaine Bear? It's...pretty!

Meanwhile, Swifties everywhere (myself included) are fairly convinced the child is named Daisy Mae, after the lyrics from Taylor Swift's song You're on Your Own Kid. That's because Reynolds and Lively—who are great friends with the popstar—let her reveal the name of their third daughter, Betty, on her 2020 album Folklore.

The spouses are parents to James, 8, Inez, 6, and Betty, 3, as well as the new baby.

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