Sofia Vergara Ignites a Heated Debate After Claiming Her "Stupid Accent" Limits Her Acting Opportunities

Fans are sad about the implications of this.

Sofia Vergara at the "Griselda" premiere
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Sofia Vergara has explained that her Spanish accent (she was born in Colombia) limits the opportunities she gets offered in Hollywood.

And while Vergara's admission was expressed "playfully," fans are saddened by what it implies about society as it is.

"I’m always looking for characters because there’s not much that I can play with this stupid accent," the star, whose latest role is in Netflix' Griselda, told the Los Angeles Times. "I can’t play a scientist or be in Schindler’s List. My acting jobs are kind of limited."

When Bustle posted about Vergara's comments on Instagram, fans expressed their confusion and disappointment that the actress should feel held back in this way.

"Instead of saying 'why can’t she learn to speak another accent' we should be asking 'why aren’t there more roles that allow hers?'" one person remarked.

"'I can’t play a scientist' because of her accent makes me deeply, deeply sad and angry," said someone else.

"'Stupid accent' makes me so sad because I love her voice so much," shared another.

Elsewhere in her L.A. Times interview, the Modern Family star discussed the barriers she feels because of her accent with more anger and frustration, comparing herself to stars such as Salma Hayek and Penélope Cruz.

“Eva Longoria doesn’t have an accent. Jennifer Lopez doesn’t have an accent. Jessica Alba doesn’t have an accent. Is it frustrating? Of course. In the beginning, more than now," she explained.

"And the frustration was towards me. How come I can’t f***ing get this right? I’ve been here for 30 years. How dumb can I be? I have to fight in English, f*** in English, act in English. It’s exhausting."

At this point in her life and career, Vergara wants to do something really big, and I'll personally be running to the theater when she reaches that goal.

"I want to be in something like Mission: Impossible or Dune or an Ocean’s Eleven. Something big and international. I don’t need to be the main character."

Still, she can't fight her main character energy whatever happens, so there's that.

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