Sydney Sweeney Proves You're Never Too Old for Matching Christmas Pajamas

Holiday onesies are a tradition in the 'Euphoria' star's family.

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Plenty of families have holiday traditions involving matching pajamas. But have you ever seen dozens of people all wearing the same Christmas PJs at once? Well, that's the case in Sydney Sweeney's family.

"I get matching onesies for every single one of my family members, pets included," the Euphoria star said to People. "We just have a giant room of 60 cousins, aunts, and uncles, all in matching onesies." As if that weren't enough, the onesie-clad family then makes a human pyramid before taking a holiday photo.

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Sweeney also shared with People that her family holds a Secret Santa gift exchange. "I love just giving gifts and seeing how happy people get," she said.

The holiday season comes at a busy time for Sweeney, both in her career and in her personal life. Her new movie, Anyone But You, came out on Friday, amid speculation that she and costar Glen Powell were a bit more than coworkers. (Sweeney was unfazed by the gossip, telling Variety in August that "the press loves to create drama.") She's also been engaged to Jonathan Davino since 2022, though there's no word on whether he, too, participates in the Christmas onesie and pyramid tradition.

A post shared by Sydney Sweeney

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And while the holiday season provides a much-needed break for the busy star, 2024 will be filled with work for Sweeney. The third season of Euphoria is set for a 2025 release, so she'll likely film the next installment of the HBO series next year. Sweeney will also star in the upcoming Ron Howard film Eden, a thriller based on a real-life story. Her acting credits run the gamut; Sweeney is one star who refuses to be boxed in. Until her next projects are released, here's hoping the star will post a photo of this year's Christmas onesie—or better yet, this year's family pyramid.

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