Why Taylor Swift's Dress at Jack Antonoff and Margaret Qualley's Wedding Was a Nod to '1989'

Swift and Antonoff are longtime music collaborators.

Taylor Swift
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It wasn't a coincidence that Taylor Swift showed up to friends Jack Antonoff and Margaret Qualley's wedding in "something blue." The "Blank Space" singer most likely wore a blue corset dress as a nod to her upcoming re-recording of the 1989 album, which features the color blue on the album cover.

Swift was photographed wearing the blue lace dress before the ceremony at Parker’s Garage in Long Beach Island, New Jersey. She accompanied the dress with a pair of sparkly heels and jewelry. The choice to wear the color blue is also as much of an Easter egg for the album as it is a sweet gesture to Antonoff since the 2014 Grammy Award-winning album was the first collaboration between Swift and Antonoff. 

The friends met in 2012, and have continued to work with each other since the original release of 1989. The pair collaborated on Swift's Reputation album, with the Bleachers and fun. musician producing six songs. They also teamed up for the album, Lover, among other Swift albums.

Antonoff even recently opened up about Swift's impact on his career as a producer. “She’s the first person who recognized me as a producer," he told TIME's "Person of the Week" podcast, referring to his work on Swift's 2014 single "Out of the Woods." "A lot of people are afraid to sign off on something that isn’t done by a proven person."

He continued, "I had written lots of songs and produced them, but they would always sort of go somewhere else. So the label or whoever could say, oh, we had this person produce it. And, you know, I put my heart and soul into that song and she said, ‘I love it.'"

Antonoff also explained how they recreated the magic of "Out of the Woods" with Swift's Midnights single "Anti-Hero."

“I had played her that track, and I remember, we were at my apartment in New York," he said in the podcast episode. "And sometimes she gets this look in her eye where she’s like, ‘Oh, I’m going in.’ You know, she goes in in many different ways and is just the greatest writer and vocalist ever. But on that one, I just remember watching her and being like, ‘Uh oh. We’ve got a live one."

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